Companies and businesses owened by Hussien Modawi Baraka Co.Ltd

Al-Tamimi Plastic Factory

Al-tamimi plastic factory was established in 2009 and specialiezes in producing plastic products including but not limited to water containers and plastic barrels. Al-tamimi's production has been very stable producing over 230,000 plastic water containers and over 190,000 plastic barrels a year

Sandra Mining

Sandra is a mining company that operates in north sudan in block 32 in a reserved area over 6400 square meter. It mainly specializes in mining gold.

Alamal Company

Alamal company was established in 2004 and it's a company that provides logisitic solutions, The company owns over 100 container trucks and deals with transporting over 50 containers on a weekly basis.

Dar Alnasr

Dar Alnasr is a factory that produces stationary eqiupment including but not limited to note books, A4 paper and booklets.

First Trade

First Trade Company for Import and Export was established in 2019 as one of Hussein Modawi Baraka Holding Group.

Mission :

To consolidate new modern measures and standards in crops exportation in order to retain the confidence and high quality of the Sudanese products

Values :

Our success is built on our Islamic principles and Sudanese heritage besides planting the conventions of honesty, fairness, excellence and distinction in our work through a joint language based on respecting the customers, partners, society and the nation.

Objective :

First Trade aims at creating new investment opportunities in crops sector and to raise the efficiency of exportation and importation to an unprecedented levels, besides establishing a sustainable model for success for the benefit of the society.

First Trade Products

Our Products

HMB sells over 200+ products all over Sudan, below are examples of some the products sold by HMB

About us

Hussien Modawi Baraka Co.Ltd

HMB started as a family business in 1967 from a small shop in the center of omdurman, and as time progressed so did the business it self. In the 1980's the business moved from simply reselling to importing products from both Saudi Arabia and Eygpt. Then in 1996 the business was officially registered as company in sudan and with it came a huge expansion in importing and exporting goods from various countires including China, Thailand, India and UAE. In 2004 Hussien Modawi Baraka Co.LTD started "Alamaal company" which specialiezes in transportation and logistic solutions. 5 years later in 2009 HMB opened it's first factory "Dar Alnasr" which produced stationary equipment including note books, paper and booklets. Following that year in 2010 HMB statred a Mining company called "Sandra Mining" mining in north sudan in a reserved area with a size over 6400 square meters. Three years later Hussien Modawi Baraka Co.LTD establised a plastic facotry that produces various products including plasitc water containers and plasitc barrels.

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